Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Online Card Classes

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share some great news!
Shari Carroll, My World blog, was giving away a spot in the Online Card Class, Copic Markers for Card  Makers; and I won!!!
Thanks Shari!!!
I was skeptical at first.  After all I only own 10 Copic Markers, and I never really used them.  I was a little intimated with all the different colors and the shading and blending.  What can you do with just 10 markers, and as it turns out not in the right blending family?  Who knew there's are method to those numbers? Not me!  Well it turns out, I can do more than I thought!
These classes are wonderful!  I am learning so much and getting more comfortable with how to use the markers.
Here is a practice sheet.  It's actual the practice sheet for day one, but I used the tip to tip blending technique that was covered in class on day two!
Oh, I wish I had more time to play!  Busy with the Youth Group this weekend but am really excited to practice some more.
Thanks for stopping by and listening to my happy ramblings!
God Bless!

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